Flickr Finds: Dieter Van der Ougstraete

Dieter has such a distinctive style and bit of a retro feel. But most of all pretty creepy. His work is inspiring and just really fun to look at. I love his monsters and little nods to 80’s cartoons. His Flickr pages has a lot more work than his website.

On a totally different note, and NOT a Flickr Find but a must see…. I give you, The Sistine Chapel.

-Josh Hoye


TONIGHT! Ghostbusters themed Art Show @ Cafe 331!

We aint afraid of no ghosts… are you? Put your jumpsuit on, strap on the ol’ proton pack and join us TONIGHT at 9PM @ Cafe 331. The art of James Hance, Josh Hoye and Ashley Lanni is all fresh and Ghostbuster themed. So come give some love to The First Coast Ghostbusters and celebrate their 25 yrs of paranormal activity.

-Josh Hoye

Flickr Finds: Haroshi

Im starting a new section to The Outer Box, its called “Flickr Finds.” This morning I found this guy. Haroshi. He is bloody brilliant. This guy works with recycled skate decks that he collects. Speechless. Also, you can check his site out here…

AND… Happy Fathers Day!

I Am Your Father

Josh Hoye

A few things…

First things first, Mesh Magazine. Photographer George Akel is the mastermind behind the mag. This could be an amazing magazine. If you are any type of artist in Jacksonville there is no reason why you shouldnt be backing these guys.

We’re trying to create the BEST and only magazine dedicated to Jacksonville’s art scene with a little bit of music and dining thrown in the mix. Everyone speaks about pushing the art scene in Jacksonville to the next level and getting exposure. Let’s take that next step. Please help out by pledging now. Minimum donation is 5 bucks. ¬†If all of us group together and start¬†revolutionizing, then we can make this thing happen and FINALLY have a magazine worthwhile. -Mesh Mag.

So what are you waiting for!? Go to to help support. We all know nothing is free, donate $5 or do $10 and you get to go to the launch party. So lets gang up and turn it into a tangible readable kick ass art mag for Jacksonville!

Second… So at the end of the Drawing for Life marathon (Logan Zawacki), myself and a few other artists swapped drawings. I ended up getting a drawing by Chad Landenberger. I found it the other day and had to do something with it. So here it is, a little forced collabo with Chad on lines and me on color. Enjoy.

Josh Hoye and Chad Landenberger collab

Josh Hoye

Poprocks and Pop Art Rocks art show TONIGHT!

Im pretty sure I saw 99 red balloons float past my window this morning. You know what that means… its April 10th and the Poprocks and Pop Art Rocks show is TONIGHT. Come to 1253 McDuff Ave S @ 7pm to 11pm for one of the best themed art show since 1984. Its hip to be “THERE”! Pics to come.

(I heard a rumor Cindy Lauper might show up)

-Josh Hoye

Poprocks and Pop Art Rocks art show

I just finished the poster for James and Ashley. Show opens SATURDAY, April 10th!!! This is going to be an amazing show. I know, because Me and the Doc have already been. I bought a piece, tried to bring it back with me but it screwed up some space time continuum thingy. There will be a SNEAK PREVIEW at the Downtown ArtWalk this Wednesday in the old Library (just look for the poster). The show will be held at the old Bogda gallery house. But its not Bogda anymore (address on poster). So, sling those slap bracelets on, tighten up your nike pumps and RELAX. This show is going to be the bomb diggity. truffle shuffle. nanu nanu.

Also check out the Poprocks and Pop Art Rocks Blog

-Josh Hoye

Poprocks and Pop Art Rocks art show!

Like totally radical artist James Hance and Ashley Lanni have put together a slick 80’s/childhood/nostalgia art show for our viewing pleasure. SO get your flux capacitor ready and set the date cause its gunna be a blast to the past. The show will include free drinks and all our favorite retro candy. Also featuring artist Vanessa Alvarado! More info to come!

-Josh Hoye

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