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Charles Wish

The Nuisance of Spring, Dasa Tara & The Marketing of Don Vliet

Charles Wish‘s style is quite refreshing.  It’s especially appealing because he tends to not overdo it with color.  Phenomenal line work meshed with brilliant subject matter.  Kinda makes you wanna watch Fantastic Planet again.  It’s gotta be that LA vibe.

Charles Wish is an American artist best known for visually fusing American Regionalist imagery with 16th – 19th century South-Asian motifs.

Citing artists like Wood and Benton (as well the anonymous artisans of a foreign, primal world) Wish thoughtfully combines the esoteric ontology of a nonage civilization with some of rural-America’s most selfsame symbols and scenes.

There are two major themes which stand out in my work: “The first is cultural appropriation. In my opinion some of man’s best achievements arise when one remains in touch with ones cultural heritage, but also allows the cultures of others to accentuate it. The second theme is the balancing and positive administration of ideologies which are often inherent in the American psyche.”

Described as “surregional” and “ethnoeccentric”, Wish’s paintings are dedicated to all who daydream about defining cultural identity in America today.



Ghana Movie Posters!

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Holy crap! Stumbled upon these amazing posters and had to share… Crude yet hilariously incredible and awesome! Check out the Bongout link and be amazed and dazzled! -eb5k
Via Bongout:
Unique hand-painted movie posters from Ghana.
It started in a time before television and the internet was widely available, therefore the success of these shows depended completely on the intrigue of the posters. These advertisements entice with their portrayals of monsters, superheros, half naked women, gore and violence. The traveling cinemas introduced the people of Ghana to a wide scope of films, from huge blockbusters, all the way down to the underrated and nearly forgotten. The genres focused in the exhibition at Bongout, consist of big Hollywood productions, Hong Kong action cinema, and local debuts from African filmmakers.
Using the resources at hand, artists would paint on old flour sacks they have stitched together. The painters were allowed complete freedom to create fantasy spaces within their own vision. Perhaps not even seeing the movie, and with only a few film stills as reference, the painters added imagery they felt would make the posters more spectacular.

Célophane Emballe

"The new definition of laundry party".

I’m thinking Mrs. Celophane is French, but it doesn’t matter.  Because style knows no nationality!  At first glance, I thought that these were voodoo dolls washing spaghetti in washing machines.  I could still be right.  I’ll let you decipher, then we’ll compare notes!


Custom Toy Call for Artists…

We’re putting together our first ever custom toy show!!!

We’ve teamed up with the super fresh 1up Collectibles comic shop in Reading, PA to throw a custom toy shindig of sorts! Artists are welcome to come display and sell their works, but if you can’t make it, don’t worry! You can still send us your customs for the show.

We’re still in the planning stages and need some artists to take part in the awesomeness. Please help us out by spreading the word and feel free to email me for more info or use the comments to ask questions.

This is going to be awesome!

Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!
Via Universe of Superheroes:

Special guests from the 501st Legion, the First Coast Ghostbusters, the Jacksonville Roller Girls, and a few local comic book creators will be on hand to make this the best Free Comic Book Day yet. Its an event for the whole family, so feel free to bring your kids. We will also be hosting our traditional cook-out with James and his assistants manning the grill throughout the day. We will also have other events throughout the day to be announced.

Also, we will be having our Annual FCBD Sale, with between 25 to 50% off everything in the store. Most of our DC Direct figures will be either $5 or $10. All graphic novels 25% off, and most back issues 50% off. Come choose from our wide variety of statues, toys, books, and other merchandise. We will also have local piercer, Justin Aschliman, doing $20 piercings throughout the day.

Afterwards, there will be an afterparty at the Factory, so dress up as your favorite character and come on by.

Confirmed guests so far are Rachel Pandich and Ashley Lanni featuring their new comic Aspire, Richard Patterson doing face-painting and raising money for Autism Speaks, Roxanne Henkle a.k.a. Rocks of Spazz House (artist in residence for, and edbot5000 (as featured on the cover of Movement Magazine) who will be showing off his art both at the shop and the Factory during the afterparty.

Come hang out with us Saturday! Hope to see you there! -eb5k

Graffiti Artist Needed! Check it out…

Got this posting off of If interested just send an email to the address below….get on it.-BG

42 Monroe st
a gallery of hip hop/graffiti art from Jacksonville, and other cities around the country.  This project is being started with a “Space and a Dream” & WE NEED YOUR HELP. In many places, painting graffiti is illegal. We don’t advocate breaking the law, but we think art belongs in public spaces and that more legal walls should be made available for this fascinating art form. The Monroe is offering 650 sq feet to display your art form. Pick a space and let your dreams flow. For your service we will display & sell pieces of your art without fee.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email a picture of your art ,contact info (cell#), And any questions you may have.

Email at

Takayuki Hori

Via DesignBoom:

‘oritsunagumono’ (translated as ‘things folded and connected’) is a collection of origami works by artist Takayuki Hori, created to highlight the environmental threat of pollution to a number of species native to Japan’s coastal waterways.

each translucent sheet is first printed with either the images of fragments of an animal’s skeleton, or, on some pages, human-made discarded objects that are often ingested by the animals in the wild.
using the ancient tradition of folded paper, hori assembles the pages into a three-dimensional model.Once the paper is folded, the printed components are united as a whole, telling the visual story of the animal’s plight to survive in an increasingly polluted and hazardous ecosystem.

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