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Graffiti Artist Needed! Check it out…

Got this posting off of If interested just send an email to the address below….get on it.-BG

42 Monroe st
a gallery of hip hop/graffiti art from Jacksonville, and other cities around the country.  This project is being started with a “Space and a Dream” & WE NEED YOUR HELP. In many places, painting graffiti is illegal. We don’t advocate breaking the law, but we think art belongs in public spaces and that more legal walls should be made available for this fascinating art form. The Monroe is offering 650 sq feet to display your art form. Pick a space and let your dreams flow. For your service we will display & sell pieces of your art without fee.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email a picture of your art ,contact info (cell#), And any questions you may have.

Email at


10 Years of The Buff Monster

Thought I would pass along this little bit of info about one of my favorite artists. First off, I love Buff Monster and all of his work. He has taken such a simple character and turned it into a hugely recognizable icon…its simply amazes me. He is a total work beast too! He is constantly working on murals, toys, paintings, and all sorts of random artistic endeavours. Ya gotta love the guy and all that he has created over the years in his signature hot pink, gray, and white tones. Congratulations Buff Monster…Keep it going for another 10,20, or 50 years. Check it-BG

From Buff Monster

It was 10 years ago, sometime in late January 2001, that I first drew the little Buff Monster character (Above are some of the original drawings, which I’ve never shown before). Shortly thereafter, I drew him on some flattened spray cans and went out and nailed them up. I had already put up hundreds of posters of a different theme, and painted tons of graffiti by then, but that was the beginning of new era for me. An era, in which, you’ve come to know me, and my art.

I hadn’t even graduated college at that point, and I’ve done a lot in the last ten years because of that little drawing. I’ve ordered (and sold) thousands of stickers and buttons, I’ve drawn countless drawings for people, I’ve silkscreened and put up thousands of posters. I’ve designed and painted a bunch of toys. I’ve done countless interviews in all sorts of media, travelled the states and to very far international places to sign and paint live. I’ve met tons of happy people. I’ve packed and shipped hundreds and hundreds of orders from my website. I’ve made some fun paintings, and showed them at some of the best places around, and sold them to very good collectors. Back in 2006, I got too busy for my day job and quit; I haven’t looked back since. It can be fun, but if you follow me on twitter, you know just how much I work.

I first started making my “10×10 panels” in 2005; it was a suggestion from my dad. Back then I would cut all the wood myself, borrowing a chop saw from one friend and a table saw from another. I’ve made a bunch of those panels, though never more than around 30 per design; a few of those designs I may have made 50 of. For such a simple object, they really do take a lot of work. Lately I’ve been wondering if I should continue making them. I haven’t made up my mind, but I did think that it would be fitting to create a special 10-year design. And I’m going to release them on my website, which I’ve never done before. Each comes in a special hand-silkscreened box, which I’ve also never done before. They’re all signed and numbered by me.

This Thursday (the 17th) at 10am PST, I’ll release the half of the edition (#1-#15) on my website at Each is $275, plus shipping and handling. Each panel will ship with a new sticker pack!

Love Machine- On eBay now

Whats up peeps. Brian Gray here. Just wanted to spread the word about my first custom vinyl toy I did is up on eBay and going to the highest bidder. Here is what I wrote from the eBay auction. Check it out, bid on this sucker! Bid starts at just $8.00.- Peace!

Title: Love Machine

Medium: Acrylic on Vinyl art toy (like Munny,Dunny, etc)

Size: 3.5 in

Signed: Signed by the artist(Brian Gray) on bottom foot

About the work:

This is a custom piece I did using a vinyl art toy created by Ross Art. The character started off as a blank just like a Munny/Dunny vinyl art toy would. Then I used my acrylic paints and went to town. The results are pretty cool and I like how hes has a very metal like finish to him. The Love Machine is ready to come home to you and brighten up your day. This is an original painting/art piece by Brian Gray. It is a one of a kind painting and not a reproduction of any kind. This is for the 100% original custom designed by me.-B.Gray

Check out the auction for Love Machine here.


Pics from Malice in Wonderland

Hey peeps! Brian Gray here. I’m posting up my pictures from the Malice in Wonderland series today over at! Check out all eight paintings by visiting my “Originals for Sale” link on my website. It was a hell of a lot of work and I learned a lot from the experience of doing such a big series. Eight paintings in just a couple of months is a lot of work. I’m, over all, pretty happy with the way the paintings turned out. Sure there were a couple of things I would have done different but, I’m still pretty happy with the turn out. If you want to see them up close just stop in at Avondale Artworks Gallery out in Avondale. The show will be up through the rest of April.

I also have available, for the first time, limited run giclee canvas prints available for each painting. They are prints on gallery wrapped canvas and look just as good as the original. Each giclee is signed, dated, and numbered in a limited run of only 25 prints each. The gicless are only 100.00 and will measure 11×14. If interested in a print contact Avondale Artworks or just drop me an email and I’ll get it done for you. Thanks to everyone who supported me during the process of pulling this off. Thanks to Ken Stutes at the gallery for giving me the freedom to do what I wanted to and for having faith in me and my work. A big thanks to Kelley(my wife) and Jeremy(my son) for being so understanding when I have a deadline and have to work for weeks on end to get things done right. Thanks to everyone who loves what I do and shows such great support when I need it most. The next series of work is all ready brewing in my head. Stay tuned folks…Im on a roll.

Visit for pics of Malice in Wonderland


The Fringe @ RAM= Awesome!

So, what is this FRINGE thing?

The FRINGE is a new and exciting part of the Riverside Arts Market that we conceived to bring in interesting and edgy products that don’t fit within our strict guidelines (mainly that all art must be hand made by the applicant and be generally local). Many times in our first year we would get applications that were products that we felt would be of interest to our robust community of shoppers but because we have such stringent guidelines we could not allow them in the market. Well that was 2009. In 2010, we are accepting a small number of proposals from the quaint and quirky to the crazy. As long as it is family-friendly and has some value as an addition to the market, we will consider it.

These “outlaw artists” will be clustered on the northern edge of the market, so they will not be confused with our regular fine artists. Not all FRINGE applications will be accepted, but all will be reviewed, and some will make it in to the market as space permits. The weirder the better. The more likely that a product will sell and/or be an attraction, the more likely it will be accepted. Extra points for green products and even more if there is a do-gooder mission (example: buying these super cool unique things helps employ people a small village where they are made).

WHO: A vendor who has a product that doesn’t fit the strict guidelines of the Riverside Arts Market but has a product that could be considered an attraction in itself.

WHAT: You tell us. The FRINGE is for exceptional but otherwise not qualified artists and products. Could be hand-made bikes from Brooklyn. Could be mid century factory furniture. Could be a mobile record store. Could be one of those machines that converts air into water. Could be rare and vintage sneakers. Who knows what is out there on the FRINGE. Keep Jacksonville weird!

WHEN: Every market except in special circumstances when we need the space for special events/ activities.

WHERE: The 900 row. See map. This is the exposed (not under the bridge) row next to Fidelity. There is no electricity in the FRINGE. Many Saturdays it was considered the best row in the market. When it is super hot or rainy or cold, the FRINGE requires a hearty vendor, a good weather plan, and a tent. Tents are recommended in the FRINGE even in great weather. It just looks better. The FRINGE is the row where the Bike Valet, Magic Tournaments, and Adoptable Critters were last year. Sounds FRINGEY doesn’t it?

HOW: Potential FRINGE candidates should  email a one page proposal to If accepted the vendor must sign up for at least five market days and pay in advance. Cost is $20 per booth space, per Saturday. FRINGE vendors must abide by all our other rules including traffic patterns, load in/out, tent weights, etc.

“Malice in Wonderland” – April 2nd

Just finished ordering my flyers for the Malice in Wonderland show that will take place in April at Avondale Artworks Gallery here in Jax, FL. The show will be centered around my paintings inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland. April is rapidly approaching and I’m working quite heavily on sketching, painting, planning, brainstorming, and organizing my body of work for the event. I have even come up with a back story to each character and why I am painting the way I am. I learned from artist Camile Rose Garcia that it’s a great idea to write down a story for your characters and then go from their to come up with there look and overall style. This was a great idea. I was just going for a “cool” look but, now I have put much more thought into each character than I previously planned. This worked out great since I was kind of stuck on the design work for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and the Queen of Hearts. Writing a back story for them really helped me flesh out there look and their overall style. Ya learn something new everyday. More pics of works in progress to come…stay tuned peeps. Thanks to everyone out there that has shown so much interest in this show of my work. Feedback is always nice and keeps ya moving forward and to exceed expectations. This is gonna be tons of fun! Visit to keep up to date on my progress.-BG

Ecko Unlimited- Art Show 04/19

Ecko Unlimited Art Show will t,ake place this Sunday 04/19  at Ecko Unlimited @ The St. Augustine Premium Outlets. The store is located at 2700 State Rd 16 #106 in St Augustine. The show will run from 6-9pm. Artist featured in this killer show will include:

Josh Hoye, Yvonne Lozano, Brian Gray, Edmund Dansart, Toy Crusher, Chad ladenberger, Overstreet Ducasse, Patrick Maxcy ,Grace Bio ,Leo Bio ,Nicole Middleton ,Adrian Rose, Prime, and Seeber
See you there everyone!-bg

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