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Ghana Movie Posters!

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Holy crap! Stumbled upon these amazing posters and had to share… Crude yet hilariously incredible and awesome! Check out the Bongout link and be amazed and dazzled! -eb5k
Via Bongout:
Unique hand-painted movie posters from Ghana.
It started in a time before television and the internet was widely available, therefore the success of these shows depended completely on the intrigue of the posters. These advertisements entice with their portrayals of monsters, superheros, half naked women, gore and violence. The traveling cinemas introduced the people of Ghana to a wide scope of films, from huge blockbusters, all the way down to the underrated and nearly forgotten. The genres focused in the exhibition at Bongout, consist of big Hollywood productions, Hong Kong action cinema, and local debuts from African filmmakers.
Using the resources at hand, artists would paint on old flour sacks they have stitched together. The painters were allowed complete freedom to create fantasy spaces within their own vision. Perhaps not even seeing the movie, and with only a few film stills as reference, the painters added imagery they felt would make the posters more spectacular.


What Happened to the Chickens? New Work by Yvonne C. Lozano!

Check out Yvonne’s website for more info:

Google Street View Artist?

billguffeyImage courtesy of Neatorama

I gotta admit when I first saw the Google street view it freaked me out a little. All kinds of strange conspiracy theories involving big brother and other shadowy orginizations ran through my head. Nowadays, I don’t really think about it. I now tend to embrace technology for better or for worse. Kentucky artist Bill Guffey has embraced google street view and uses it as references for his landscape work. Here is a quote from his blog

“I have received word from Google that it is permissable for artists to use Google Street View as a reference when working in traditional methods to create art. This opens up an entire world for artists that are disabled and confined to their homes or facilities, or with restricted mobility.”

I applaud the concept and the body of work is impressive as well. Check out all the paintings at . -eb5k

Opening of Avondale Artworks 8/14

We have a new gallery here in Jacksonville and the opening is this Friday. Avondale Artworks will be opening its doors on Friday, August 14th. The gallery is located at 3568 St Johns Ave and features a variety of talented artist from all over North Florida. I stopped by the gallery last week and its really a great space. High ceilings, track lighting, wood floors, and the location itself is top notch. I’m not too familiar with some of the artist I noticed while I was there but from what I saw I can say there is some really great work out at the Artworks for sure. Ill have four paintings on display myself and plan on working on a series real soon to host at the gallery. Stop by Avondale Artworks this Friday and check out Jacksonville’s newest art gallery to enter our growing art community. The gallery will also have a “Grand Opening” celebration on the first Friday in September so stay tuned…more info to come. For hours of operation visit  –B.G.

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