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Célophane Emballe

"The new definition of laundry party".

I’m thinking Mrs. Celophane is French, but it doesn’t matter.  Because style knows no nationality!  At first glance, I thought that these were voodoo dolls washing spaghetti in washing machines.  I could still be right.  I’ll let you decipher, then we’ll compare notes!



10 Years of The Buff Monster

Thought I would pass along this little bit of info about one of my favorite artists. First off, I love Buff Monster and all of his work. He has taken such a simple character and turned it into a hugely recognizable icon…its simply amazes me. He is a total work beast too! He is constantly working on murals, toys, paintings, and all sorts of random artistic endeavours. Ya gotta love the guy and all that he has created over the years in his signature hot pink, gray, and white tones. Congratulations Buff Monster…Keep it going for another 10,20, or 50 years. Check it-BG

From Buff Monster

It was 10 years ago, sometime in late January 2001, that I first drew the little Buff Monster character (Above are some of the original drawings, which I’ve never shown before). Shortly thereafter, I drew him on some flattened spray cans and went out and nailed them up. I had already put up hundreds of posters of a different theme, and painted tons of graffiti by then, but that was the beginning of new era for me. An era, in which, you’ve come to know me, and my art.

I hadn’t even graduated college at that point, and I’ve done a lot in the last ten years because of that little drawing. I’ve ordered (and sold) thousands of stickers and buttons, I’ve drawn countless drawings for people, I’ve silkscreened and put up thousands of posters. I’ve designed and painted a bunch of toys. I’ve done countless interviews in all sorts of media, travelled the states and to very far international places to sign and paint live. I’ve met tons of happy people. I’ve packed and shipped hundreds and hundreds of orders from my website. I’ve made some fun paintings, and showed them at some of the best places around, and sold them to very good collectors. Back in 2006, I got too busy for my day job and quit; I haven’t looked back since. It can be fun, but if you follow me on twitter, you know just how much I work.

I first started making my “10×10 panels” in 2005; it was a suggestion from my dad. Back then I would cut all the wood myself, borrowing a chop saw from one friend and a table saw from another. I’ve made a bunch of those panels, though never more than around 30 per design; a few of those designs I may have made 50 of. For such a simple object, they really do take a lot of work. Lately I’ve been wondering if I should continue making them. I haven’t made up my mind, but I did think that it would be fitting to create a special 10-year design. And I’m going to release them on my website, which I’ve never done before. Each comes in a special hand-silkscreened box, which I’ve also never done before. They’re all signed and numbered by me.

This Thursday (the 17th) at 10am PST, I’ll release the half of the edition (#1-#15) on my website at Each is $275, plus shipping and handling. Each panel will ship with a new sticker pack!

Designers in Toyland

Designers in Toyland

    When? 12.11.10 @ 6:00pm Where? TBA directions Type? Local Chapter Event Cost? $5 or FREE if you make a Toy (Proceeds go to Discover Design:

A Custom Toy Show

Do you remember your favorite childhood toy? Gone (perhaps) but not forgotten. Toys are about imagination and imagination is the first tool of all artists and designers. So sharpen up your tools, tap into your inner child and create a custom toy!

AIGA Jacksonville is now accepting entries for our 2nd annual custom toy show, Designers in Toyland, on December 11 from 6-9 pm.
Participation is open to all. Sign up by filling out this form.

Design a toy from scratch, add to an existing toy, or customize a blank vinyl toy. Last year we had over 80 artists exhibiting. To see their work, check out these excellent sources for ideas and inspiration:


Although we are still working on the venue, here are some other dates to be aware of:
  • Deadline to sign up: November 30
  • Toy drop off: December 9 from 5:30 to 8pm
  • Event date: December 11 from 6pm to 9 pm
  • Toy pick up: December 12 from 1 to 5 pm

Email Katy Garrison at



Check out Greg “CRAOLA” Simkins gettin’ busy in this brand new clip. This cat is serious business!

You can also check out more of his work here:



Artist Interview- Justin Aerni

Goyde by Justin Aerni

Goyde by Justin Aerni

First off here is a little info about Justin from his website-

My Name is Justin Daniel Aerni. I am 26 years old. I was born in Fort Huachuca Arizona in April 11 1984. I grew up in Spokane Washington. I currently reside in Portland Oregon. I started selling my work to collectors and galleries back in 2006. I’m an artist who is also talented in film production , Sculpture , Designing Clothing and producing my own experimental music. Most of my work depicts my own inner thoughts and emotions. It is a raw expression thought. Most of my work so far has been symbolic in dealing with what I and other humans consider the biggest mysteries such as life and death. My work reflects the fragile human condition we are all held in. In the last couple years my work has been very surreal. Described by most of my fans as “Cartoon surrealism.” My work seems to be completely disconnected visually from real life or “realism” yet very emotionally translatable to the viewer. A lot of my work is done without any pre-production sketch work of any kind. The art that is created is strictly just based off of a feeling or emotion that I am getting at the time of creation. The thought or emotion seems to force its way out in paint form. My paintings are usually completed very fast within two to three hours and are very raw and vibrant. Most of my past paintings have dealt with the darker side of the emotional scope dealing with loneliness, relationships, sadness and love and the feelings related around love but definitely does not define the emotional scope of my art. Most of that work could be described as “lowbrow / macabre.”

Bread Line by Justin Aerni

Okay Justin, lets get this interview thing going. I noticed that you dabble in all sorts of mediums with your work. Is there any particular medium or technique that you favor more that others?

Yeah Bic Pen. I’m sure everyone has had to use one at some point in their lives. I grew up using Bic Pens. I used to keep them in my pockets as a kid. My mom would get so pissed because the ink would turn my pockets black and blue. Today I use them because I can shade and feather very delicately with them plus they are fun to chew on. Now a medium I never use is Oil paints. I’m sure a lot of artists are with me on this one. I just don’t have the patience to sit around and wait for something to dry.. Even with a heat gun they take a solid week to fully dry.. It’s just not worth it to me.

Now to ask the typical question in all artist interviews..sorry, gotta do it. What got you started in making your art work? Any particular inspirations?

My grandpa tot me to paint and be creative as a small child. I knew I was going to be an artist for as long as I can remember. Andy Warhol has always been an inspiration to me. Even as a three year old I still remember the day Continue reading ‘Artist Interview- Justin Aerni’

B.Gray on eBay- 2 Days Left

Whats up everyone! I have decided to put up some brand new art work on eBay a few days back. The bidding this time around will end over the next tow days. My sales on eBay have been very good this past month or so now and Im having a lot of fun with it and making a lot of new friends. The problem is that I mostly have been selling all older works that have been sittng around. Since I have had such success on eBay I decided to make a few paintings strictly for the collectors out there on eBay. Bidding starts off at just 10.00 to keep things lively!! Check out the auction here and bid away! Bidding will end in just two days from now!! Check it out

Brian Gray on eBay



So I was reading the June edition of Juxtapoz and ran across an ad for a solo exhibition of Ekundayo.  Now, I’m usually not one to just flip out when I see good work but I think I actually did just that when I saw this cat’s pieces.  You can usually tell just how spiritually refined an artist is through their work by looking at it for a while.  These characters kinda make you see it instantly.  I know I’m definitely inspired.



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