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Graffiti Artist Needed! Check it out…

Got this posting off of If interested just send an email to the address below….get on it.-BG

42 Monroe st
a gallery of hip hop/graffiti art from Jacksonville, and other cities around the country.  This project is being started with a “Space and a Dream” & WE NEED YOUR HELP. In many places, painting graffiti is illegal. We don’t advocate breaking the law, but we think art belongs in public spaces and that more legal walls should be made available for this fascinating art form. The Monroe is offering 650 sq feet to display your art form. Pick a space and let your dreams flow. For your service we will display & sell pieces of your art without fee.

If you are interested in this opportunity please email a picture of your art ,contact info (cell#), And any questions you may have.

Email at


10 Years of The Buff Monster

Thought I would pass along this little bit of info about one of my favorite artists. First off, I love Buff Monster and all of his work. He has taken such a simple character and turned it into a hugely recognizable icon…its simply amazes me. He is a total work beast too! He is constantly working on murals, toys, paintings, and all sorts of random artistic endeavours. Ya gotta love the guy and all that he has created over the years in his signature hot pink, gray, and white tones. Congratulations Buff Monster…Keep it going for another 10,20, or 50 years. Check it-BG

From Buff Monster

It was 10 years ago, sometime in late January 2001, that I first drew the little Buff Monster character (Above are some of the original drawings, which I’ve never shown before). Shortly thereafter, I drew him on some flattened spray cans and went out and nailed them up. I had already put up hundreds of posters of a different theme, and painted tons of graffiti by then, but that was the beginning of new era for me. An era, in which, you’ve come to know me, and my art.

I hadn’t even graduated college at that point, and I’ve done a lot in the last ten years because of that little drawing. I’ve ordered (and sold) thousands of stickers and buttons, I’ve drawn countless drawings for people, I’ve silkscreened and put up thousands of posters. I’ve designed and painted a bunch of toys. I’ve done countless interviews in all sorts of media, travelled the states and to very far international places to sign and paint live. I’ve met tons of happy people. I’ve packed and shipped hundreds and hundreds of orders from my website. I’ve made some fun paintings, and showed them at some of the best places around, and sold them to very good collectors. Back in 2006, I got too busy for my day job and quit; I haven’t looked back since. It can be fun, but if you follow me on twitter, you know just how much I work.

I first started making my “10×10 panels” in 2005; it was a suggestion from my dad. Back then I would cut all the wood myself, borrowing a chop saw from one friend and a table saw from another. I’ve made a bunch of those panels, though never more than around 30 per design; a few of those designs I may have made 50 of. For such a simple object, they really do take a lot of work. Lately I’ve been wondering if I should continue making them. I haven’t made up my mind, but I did think that it would be fitting to create a special 10-year design. And I’m going to release them on my website, which I’ve never done before. Each comes in a special hand-silkscreened box, which I’ve also never done before. They’re all signed and numbered by me.

This Thursday (the 17th) at 10am PST, I’ll release the half of the edition (#1-#15) on my website at Each is $275, plus shipping and handling. Each panel will ship with a new sticker pack!

The Incontinent Orson Welles

"Calm down. I have Mentos."

I’m less interested in that corporate distraction better known as the super bowl than I am in things such as this:

STEREO Reveals The Entire Sun

This, my friends is a picture that is literally worth 1000 words:

For all you “patriots” out there, that’s not an actual American flag they’re burning.  Don’t poop yourselves in anger just yet.  Actually, if anything, the flag they’re burning should tell you a whole lot.  You see, the Egyptian people have the good sense to not only know and realize when their government is screwing them, but to actually take action.  I’m not one for trashing my own city in revolt, but their hearts and minds are definitely in the right place.  But, you know, in this country everyone’s too comfortable watching football, having babies, and shopping at Forever 21 to really care or even educate themselves.

Maybe that was harsh.  Maybe it wasn’t.  Who really cares?  David Rees sure doesn’t:

I’ve been digging Get Your War On for a hot minute.  Always reliable LOL business! But, in my quasi-political rhetoric, I almost forgot why I was posting this evening:


This can only be described as the beautiful result of an aerosol symphony.  EMIT, hailing from Denver CO,  has can control like the Terminator and a sense of color harmony equivalent to swirling around the milk in your bowl after eating Fruity Pebbles.  OK, maybe that wasn’t the most apt description, but you’re pickin’ up what I’m puttin’ down.  Although I think I just gave away one of my methods of inspiration.  Anyway, until next time…


Inspirado: RietOne

Check out more of Nashville based artist Rietone via Deviant Art! -eb5k

Dum Money Diplomats & The Hundredaire Club presents Keepin’ It Street

This Thursday come out to TSI and check out some of the illest dj’s, b-boys, and artists on this side of the pan handle. Hosted by Dum Money Diplomats and The Hundredaires Club.

Keepin’ it streetz live art showcase featuring ROB ROY and Mr. CoolBeans.

Live street art by Toy Crusher, Kes, Kyle Miller (On point ink), and Kyle Cannon.

More artist to be announced. B-Boy krew Main Ingriedentz.

YO YO YO if you missed the first time dez boyz went on stage you missed a hell of a show. But no worries! My man ROB ROY is back to mind fuck all yall nah but seriously my man goes hard to the paint. We also have my dude… Mr. CoolBeans openin’ up the show and if you havent herd Mr. CoolBeans your in for a CoolBean of a time!

Not to mention Main Ingriedentz B-Boy Krew will be in the building slicing and dicing and for the main event we will have live street art by Toy Crusher, Kes , Kyle Miller (On point ink), and Kyle Cannon.

More artist TBA!

With Dj GizRoc and Dj Ginsu!

Alley Way: Toy Crusher


Kyle Miller (on point ink)

Kyle Cannon

More TBA

Main Stage: Mr. CoolBeans – 11:00pm

ROB ROY – 12:00pm

Rob Roy’s “Carmencita”: Best Video Of The Year? | URB.COM

Giz Roc and Dj Ginsu on the 1’s n’ 2’s All Night!

Inside: Main Ingredientz B-Boy Krew

Outside patio: Dj 1980

Hosted by Smoky and Dum Money Diplomats The Hundredaire Klub.

Doors Open at 9:00pm 18+

Pre-Sale tickets available at

or contact Daniel Holmes at (904) 290-1571


Mugre Crew, son!

I won’t front, I can’t read a word on this site.  But these cats paint some of the toughest characters I’ve seen in a minute.  Abstract, funky, hardcore, and sinister.  You can’t beat that with a 10 foot dragon toenail.


Crusher gettin’ busy at Kickflips!

Bigup to Shawn & Infader on the grand opening of their new skate/shoe store at the Beaches on 3rd street (1124 North).  Lots of dope kicks, skate decks, t-shirts, and more!  Check ’em out!

Also, here’s a link to a short clip of the paint session:!/video/video.php?v=160076880702756&comments


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