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Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!
Via Universe of Superheroes:

Special guests from the 501st Legion, the First Coast Ghostbusters, the Jacksonville Roller Girls, and a few local comic book creators will be on hand to make this the best Free Comic Book Day yet. Its an event for the whole family, so feel free to bring your kids. We will also be hosting our traditional cook-out with James and his assistants manning the grill throughout the day. We will also have other events throughout the day to be announced.

Also, we will be having our Annual FCBD Sale, with between 25 to 50% off everything in the store. Most of our DC Direct figures will be either $5 or $10. All graphic novels 25% off, and most back issues 50% off. Come choose from our wide variety of statues, toys, books, and other merchandise. We will also have local piercer, Justin Aschliman, doing $20 piercings throughout the day.

Afterwards, there will be an afterparty at the Factory, so dress up as your favorite character and come on by.

Confirmed guests so far are Rachel Pandich and Ashley Lanni featuring their new comic Aspire, Richard Patterson doing face-painting and raising money for Autism Speaks, Roxanne Henkle a.k.a. Rocks of Spazz House (artist in residence for, and edbot5000 (as featured on the cover of Movement Magazine) who will be showing off his art both at the shop and the Factory during the afterparty.

Come hang out with us Saturday! Hope to see you there! -eb5k


Robot Battle in Time…

Via 5ive Canons:
Watch Ed Dansart(eb5k) and Nick Dunkenstein’s masterpiece come to life in this time-lapse documentary about inspiration, art and robots. The documentary was shot over the course of 49 days in the lobby of 5ivecanons.
We fuse brands with culture.

Edmund Dansart is on FIRE!


I gotta give it up to my friend and fellow artist/blogger/partner in crime/ Mr Edmund Dansart(AKA: EB5K)! Ed has been busting some serious butt creating a ton of all new work for several shows that he has going down right now. Edmund’s creations are taking over the world…one state at a time. Ed has busted out, from what I can tell, 13+ new pieces during the month of October. They range from robots, monsters, and a combination of the two. The work is killer as always! I just wanted to give Edmund some props on a job well done. Check out Eds latest creations over at his blog at Good job Ed, everything looks great. -B.G.

Edmund Dansart (EB5K) Sketch Blog


A Sketch a Day lets the Monsters Play


Edmund Dansart or just Ed, as I refer to the artist/playboy/hustler, has been super dedicated to cranking out a new sketch each day and posting them up on his blog at EB5k Sketch Blog. Its really hard sometimes to push yourself to practice and sketch every day. I too started to sketch a hell of a lot more over the past two months. Really cool to see some of Eds latest creations pop up on his blog every day. This really is a great practice to get into in between painting or designing stuff. Just push yourself to grab your sketch book and come up with some ideas and get them on paper. You will be amazed what you can come up with when your not worrying about deadlines. You can view Eds progress over the past 18 days or so over at the EB5K Sketch Blog now.-BG


Artist Interview- Edmund Dansart

Here is the 5th of six interviews that I am doing about each artist that is participating in the 2nd Annual Drawing for Life Marathon coming up on April 4th. Enjoy the interview and please click on the flyer for more details about this wonderful event or visit “Logans Heroes” to pledge to our team of artists. You can submit your donation here! Thanks for your support! On to the interview with Edmund Dansart( EB5k,Edbot5000)-
1. Ok Edmund, The Relay for Life is just around the corner. Time to sharpen our pencils, grab some paper, an eraser, and get down to it. What made you decide to be a part of the Drawing for Life Marathon?
Last year, Logan told me about the Drawing For Life Marathon he was organizing. I was very moved by what he was putting together. The artists were set at the time but I mentioned that if he needed help down the road to give me a call…and he did!  I think most of us has been affected by cancer in one way or another. We have lost family, friends, and role models to this disease. This is my small way towards helping fund research for the ACS.
2.So you will be drawing your butt off for 12 straight hours. What are you gonna do to stay awake and moving forward?
I have no idea….Energy drinks and coffee give me the jitters. I honestly have no game plan…I know I am going to sleep really early on Friday that’s for sure.
3. Your shows you hosted out at Comics and Classics and Ed & Bo’s Awesome art shows were really good art show to attend and a great time had by many. Anything up your sleeve as far as putting another show together?
They were fun to do and were a great learning experience…There is always ideas in my head for shows, but I am focusing more on my personal work and a few music projects. That being said, if the opportunity arises and is mutually beneficial for the artists and the venue I will jump on it….There are a couple things in the works, but nothing set in stone…
3.1 – I know we talked a bit about comics and how your getting more and more involved in creating you own comic book or comic strip. Could you explain a bit on whats going on with you and the comics world?
Well, I will be doing a story and some pin-ups for Rob Jones and David King’s ChalkLine Studios Unleashed. This will be my first comic book work so I am pretty exited…
4. We all love to draw, paint, sculpt, but, a lot of us have our horrid “day jobs” too. What do you all do during the day or do you have a dream job or a “dream like” job?
Its not terribly horrid…I peddle guitars and music gear part-time and I play in a couple cover bands. My dream job would probably involve character design or a comic related job…maybe owning a small art gallery…not really certain.
5. Relay for Life is an excellent event and I’m grateful to be a part of it as I’m sure you are as well. Are there any other charitable organizations that you all have worked with in the past?
I am very grateful Logan has given me the opportunity to help out with the DFL…I have donated paintings to various charities and auctions, but this is the most hands-on I have ever been with an event.

6. How did you get started with your art work? Did you attend art school or are you still attending now? 
No… I went to very conservative, fundamental Baptist school. No art classes but I have done drawings and sketches since I was a kid. College introduced me to art history, graphic design, and painting…been hooked since. I would love to attend SCAD or the Art Center College of Design in California one of these days.
7. Over the next 5 years..where do you see yourself?
Well, I try to focus on the present as best I can. Looking toward the future and living in the past can distract from whats going on now. I try to set several short term goals and see where things take me.
8. What do you hope to accomplish in participating in The Drawing for Life Marathon?
I hope to make it to the end! That and a handful of good drawings and paintings for the Relay For Life… I would also like for us to hit our goal…That would be awesome!
9. Where can everyone see more of your work?
The usual internet haunts…I have my sketch blog, myspace, and a deviantart page. I also have work in the Art Center on Adams st. Downtown…
10. Thanks for doing this Ed. Last question. Who’s your favorite super hero?No prob. Favorite superhero? Damn…Shazam, Batman, Iron Man or Daredevil… its hard to pick one….I have always been a fan of a good villain or villains too… Like Dr. Doom or Galactus… Sinister Six, Legion of Doom, Bizarro….I could go on forever…

Artist Spotlight- Edmund Dansart

by-Edmund Dansart

by-Edmund Dansart


Edmund Dansart ( EB5K )Edmund Dansart ,AKA EdBot5000 ,AKA EB5K is having the featured artist spot at this February’s Art Walk this upcoming Wednesday 02/04 from 5-9 at The Art Center @ 31 W.Adams St. Eds featured artist show titled “Robots & Devils” is gonna be the shiz. YEEEEEHAAAAAAH!!! The art work is looking mighty solid and the bots are looking good as always. I expect this is gonna be a really good show of Eds mad skills. Looking good Ed! I just had to post this up..LOL! Anywho…for a lil sneak a peek…check out Eds Flickr account and his blog for more juicy tidbits of whats in store from EB5k this Art Walk. Get the 411 on EB5K below- Im out, see u there!!- B.Gray

“Sneak Peek” Eb5k on Flickr                   Eb5k Blog



What? Yup, that’s right. My man Ed has got his Featured Artist show coming up for the February Art Walk @ The Art Center. The show is titled Robots and Devils. Sounds damn good to me! I am really looking forward to see what Ed comes up with.We chatted for a bit during this months Art Walk and Ed had to agree with me that the featured artists spot at The Art Center doesn’t seem that big to fill…until you have to figure out how to fill it with all of your work and your work only! LOL! Its a lot of fun but, a lot of work too! I know Ed has to be brewing up some fresh, new, and one of a kind creations for the show! Don’t miss this! Mark your calendar. Robots and Devils will have its opening reception on 2/4/09 from 5-9pm at The Art Center on 31 West Adams St. There will be snacks, adult beverages, good times, and EB5K everywhere! Awesome!!! I’m sure we will post this up again as the show grows nearer! I told ya I was gonna post this up ASAP Ed!!! HAAA!!! For more about Ed and The Art Center visit the links here-

EB5K on Myspace        EB5K Blog       The Art Center Gallery


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