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Free Comic Book Day!

Saturday is Free Comic Book Day!
Via Universe of Superheroes:

Special guests from the 501st Legion, the First Coast Ghostbusters, the Jacksonville Roller Girls, and a few local comic book creators will be on hand to make this the best Free Comic Book Day yet. Its an event for the whole family, so feel free to bring your kids. We will also be hosting our traditional cook-out with James and his assistants manning the grill throughout the day. We will also have other events throughout the day to be announced.

Also, we will be having our Annual FCBD Sale, with between 25 to 50% off everything in the store. Most of our DC Direct figures will be either $5 or $10. All graphic novels 25% off, and most back issues 50% off. Come choose from our wide variety of statues, toys, books, and other merchandise. We will also have local piercer, Justin Aschliman, doing $20 piercings throughout the day.

Afterwards, there will be an afterparty at the Factory, so dress up as your favorite character and come on by.

Confirmed guests so far are Rachel Pandich and Ashley Lanni featuring their new comic Aspire, Richard Patterson doing face-painting and raising money for Autism Speaks, Roxanne Henkle a.k.a. Rocks of Spazz House (artist in residence for, and edbot5000 (as featured on the cover of Movement Magazine) who will be showing off his art both at the shop and the Factory during the afterparty.

Come hang out with us Saturday! Hope to see you there! -eb5k


Kirby Vs. Disney…


The family of the late and arguably greatest comic artist of all time Jack Kirby wants a piece of Disney as well as Sony Pictures, 20th Century Fox, Paramount Pictures and Universal Pictures. Kirby’s estate will challenge for the copyrights in the characters he is credited for creating and co-creating. Along with Stan Lee, Jack Kirby was involved in the creation of Captain America, The Fantastic Four, The X-Men, The Avengers, Iron Man, Hulk, The Silver Surfer and Thor. Lets see… Iron Man 2, Thor, and Avengers are big budget movies on the horizon.

Quote from the L.A. Times:
“Under copyright law, creators can seek to regain copyrights they previously assigned to a company 56 years after first publication and can give notice of their intentions up to 10 years before that.

Kirby’s children would be eligible to claim their father’s portion of the copyright of the Fantastic Four in 2017; the Hulk would come up in 2018 and X-Men in 2019. The copyrights would then run for 39 more years.

A representative for Marvel declined to comment. A Disney spokesperson said, “The notices involved are an attempt to terminate rights seven to 10 years from now and involve claims that were fully considered in the acquisition.”

Should their claims stand, the Kirby children could choose to assign their portion of the rights to current copyright holders for a fee or sell them to a new licensee.”

Kirby worked in a time where work for hire meant whatever you created is owned by your employer. Do you think Kirby’s family has the right, 50+ years after the fact, to any future money made by these movies or comics? Characters he has not drawn, developed, or written for since the 60’s? I am torn on the issue. I could go either way on this issue… Kirby was a very influential comic artist and you can still see his influence today in comics. ( Check out Adult Swim’s 2005 short lived cartoon Minoriteam for an unabashed Kirby tribute). He was the man at Marvel often overshadowed by the seemingly immortal Stan Lee. His style was the “Marvel” style. From what I have read he deserved better treatment, many silver age artists did. I love Kirby. I even swipe from him on occasion. Is his family greedy and riding the coattails of a legend or does this upcoming copyright lawsuit have merit? -eb5k

Chalkline Studio’s Unleashed #3 preview!

Local independent comic publisher Chalkline Studios will be releasing the the third comic anthology Unleashed. I sat down with founders Rob Jones and David King to find out what Unleashed is all about…

OB: Give us an brief overview of Chalkline Studios…

DK: Chalkline is a group of up and coming comic book artists and writers that got together to have an outlet to create our own stories.
RJ: ChalkLine Studios is a group of artists here in Jacksonville who all wanted to put out some comic books, so rather then do it on our own we joined up and developed the anthology book “Unleashed”.

OB: Tell us how you guys got the idea to start Chalkline Studios…

DK: I think the idea came from all of us hanging out at Comics & Classics (R.I.P) Everyone just hung out and talked comics and did sketches. The next natural progression was to start creating our own stories. Rob had already self published, so we latched on to him and got started.
RJ: The group started when our friends opened a comic shop at the beach (Which unfortunately has since closed) and we all started to meet up there. We all sat around and talked about doing something together and then finally we stopped talking and started drawing! Book 1 was completed pretty much on the tables of the comic shop and at the Mudville Grill (Where Beach and Atlantic meet) where we have our Wednesday night get-togethers. If your reading this and are a local artist interested in comics feel free to stop by- We’re there every Wednesday around 8!

OB: Tell us about “Unleashed”…How did you guys come up with the name(for both Chalkline and Unleashed)?

RJ: I think it was David who came up with ChalkLine… He can tell ya more about that one! I think I came up with Unleashed, but again it’s hard to tell since we were floating so many ideas at the time… Some of the rejected ones may show up at another time though… Take Luck Studios, or Poor Precious… Great names!!!
DK: We wanted to do an anthology book, because one team doing a full 22 page book is very tough. We also wanted everyone to get a chance to be in print. I think I came up with the name Chalkline, I honestly don’t remember where it came from. We seemed to have a lot of darker horror type stories, so I think the idea came from a crime scene chalk outline. Unleashed is the book itself, and I think Rob came up with that name, because there is a lot of new talent being unleashed with this book.

OB: What are the future plans for the company?

DK: Well we have 3 completed books in our first year. That is big accomplishment for a start up studio, our next step is national distribution. Rob and I have already made some progress in that area and we should be getting that started with our fourth book. We also are looking at possibly putting out some trades and collections. I don’t want to sprint before we walk, but there is some exciting things coming up!
RJ:The future plans for ChalkLine are to continue doing anthology books and to collect the completed stories into trades or stand-alone comics when there’s enough material. The next big step is to get national distribution, which we are in the process of doing now so we should have books on store shelves nationwide by years end! I wish I could say that we have a grand plan for how the books come together but really when someone shows up to our meetings with a cool idea it basically comes down to how many pages are going to be in each issue. Issue 3 was interesting because we had so many stories come in that we had to bump our 2 regular stories (GearShift Jitters and my story Perfect Storm) to the next issue.

OB:How many artists do you have contributing to the comic? What are some of the recurring stories/characters?

DK: Actually right now, we have more writers than artists, that is very rare! I think we have about 6 artists and about 10 or 11 writers. So the artists in our group work their drawing hands to the bone! The only two stories that are reoccurring are Perfect Storm, by Rob Jones, and Gearshift Jitters, by Cesar Corderro.

OB: What do you guys do to promote the comics?

DK: We make convention appearances to promote the book. We also link our Myspace to any site that the individual studio members have. Once we get in the Distribution catalog, I’m going to get the phone and start pushing the book to any comic shop that will listen.
RJ: To promote the comics we try to attend as many conventions as we can, as well as publicize them on our individual web sites (,, myspace pages, facebook pages, and blogs.

OB: What is the convention atmosphere like as a independent publisher?

DK: It’s pretty cool, it’s kind of surreal to be sitting on the other side of the table. It’s a long weekend though, you really do get worn out by Sunday. I really enjoy interacting with the fans that come by. When you draw a comic book or comic strip, you don’t get much interaction with your fan base. This is a great way to get an idea of where you stand!
RJ: Conventions are both fun and hard work at the same time. Fun that you get to see people that you don’t see often and meet artists who’s work you admire, but also hard work because your constantly selling- Pushing your book and yourself to new people who don’t really know who you are yet. If your not good at that it’s very stressful- It’s no problem though for David…

OB:Which is your favorite convention so far?

DK: It has to be Heroes in Charlotte! It is just about comics not the Anime thing. It also seems to be a convention that is for artists to be fans! It’s the best by far!
RJ: My favorite convention by far is HeroesCon in Charlotte. It’s a fun, family run show where everybody is there to have a good time and it shows. Other good shows include the Pittsburgh show and our own MegaCon, held in Orlando in February/March. They are trying out a second show this year August 22 and 23rd and it’s the last show of the season for most of us so your readers should definitely come out- It’s a great time!!!

OB:When are your next appearances?

DK: Heroes is this coming weekend in Charlotte. Our next convention will be Mini Megacon in Orlando, That is this August. I think we are also working on some local comic shop appearances.
RJ: Well, our next appearance is HeroesCon in Charlotte next weekend (June 19-21) where we will be debuting issue 3, then August in Orlando where the plan is to have issue 4. I will be heading up to the Pittsburgh show in September, but as far as the whole group I think Heroes and Mini-Mega in August are our only 2 shows left for the year.

OB: Tell us about Oscar and Sid.

DK: Oscar & Sid is my daily web comic. I have posted around 215 strips, and there is brand new one 7 days a week! Oscar & Sid has their first ever collection coming out this summer. It is going to be called, Oscar & Sid: And it Was Good. I am in talks with a few different syndication companies to be published in a few newspapers, here’s hoping that works. I’m also getting interviewed for the Florida Times Union this week, so check out the website and I will link the interview to it. My site is TELL A FRIEND!!

OB:Thanks for taking the time to talk to the Outer Box!-eb5k

For a sneak peek at some of the pages click here!

Brandt Peters, Ben Katchor, & mind-reading head sets?

I’m sure most people are familiar with Brandt’s work, but seriously…who can get enough of it?  I’d like to see some of his stuff animated.  Imagine a Saturday morning cartoon by him  with sort of the same premise as BeetleJuice.  Well, maybe you shouldn’t let your kids watch it, but still.

Ben Katchor: Comics that tell the little stories of a big city

In this captivating talk from the TED archive, cartoonist Ben Katchor reads from his comic strips. These perceptive, surreal stories find the profound hopes and foibles of history (and modern New York) preserved in objects like light switches and signs.

Now, here’s something you don’t read about every day:

Innovation: Mind-reading headsets will change your brain

The Emotiv headset picks up the electrical activity of neurons firing inside a person’s brain and interprets your thoughts to control a computer game (Image: Emotiv)

Innovation is our new column that highlights the latest emerging technological ideas and where they may lead.

This week, engineer Adam Wilson made global headlines by updating Twitter using his brainwaves. “USING EEG TO SEND TWEET” he explained.

Wilson’s achievement was actually pretty trivial. He used a system called BCI2000, found in hundreds of laboratories across the globe, that can do the job of a keyboard for any software program. But it was significant precisely because it was trivial: mind-reading tech is going to have a massive impact this year.

In the coming months, cheap headsets that let you control technology with the electrical signals generated by your firing neurons will go on sale to the general public. Our relationship with technology – and our brains – will never be the same again.


Can you say Ghost In The Shell?


Superheroes with Professor Z…

My good pal Logan Zawacki has an awesome series of lectures planned for November. Any comic fan, historian, cartoonist, or artists should check this out. Comics have a great history and I know that Logan will do a great job.

From Logan’s myspace:

“Instructor: Logan Zawacki
Dates: November 8, 15, 22 @ 10:30am
Pricing: Members $70 / Non-Members $75

This course is designed to teach the history of comic book superheroes and how intertwined the medium is with American history and contemporary subjects. Students will learn about each of the four main eras in comic book history as well as explore the impact of superheroes leaping from the pages to the big screen.

The objective of this course is to motivate each student to research the history of superheroes and develop a new level of respect for the medium and all the amazing people involved with the creation of this truly contemporary mythology.


November 8, 2008
“How History molded our Heroes.
The Golden Age – The Silver Age”

How big of an influence did the Great Depression play in the creation of Superman? Would there be a Captain America if it weren’t for World War II? What lasting effects did Dr. Frederic Wertham’s influential book Seduction of the Innocent have on the comic book industry? How did the Golden Age of Science Fiction affect the Silver Age of Superheroes? These are just a few of the topics that will be discussed in this lecture covering the creation of the first American comic book superhero in 1938 to the end of the Silver Age of comics in the early 1970’s.

November 15, 2008
“When did our Heroes become Villains? The Bronze Age – The Modern Age”

How did the Civil Rights Movement change the face of the X-Men? Did the Vietnam War and Watergate help create a new breed of anti-heroes? What events during this time period sparked darker and more mature storylines into mainstream comic books? All of these topics will be explored as well as the revival of the superhero genre in response to the tragedy of 9/11.

November 22, 2008
“From Spandex to Leather.
Comic books and their Movie Adaptations”

This lecture will examine the evolution of comic book movie adaptations starting with the campy Adam West version of Batman and ending with a discussion on the contemporary issues brought up in Christopher Nolan’s film Dark Knight. Other topics include the X-Men movie influencing the costumes of the comic book, how 9/11 changed the landscape of Spider-man, and the impact technological advancements have made on the production of comic book movies.

For more information about this course, contact Cathy Fitzpatrick at or call 904.366.6911 x212″


C&C Halloween Show this weekend…

Deadline is October 3rd if you would like to display your work for Comics & Classics Halloween Show! If you are interested in showing at Comics & Classics or have any questions, drop me a line at


Comics & Classics Fall Schedule…

This just in from C&C:

Comics and Classics is calling out to all local artists to contribute to our Fall group art shows. Described below are our planned shows:

The Halloween Show
Ghosts, Zombies & Monsters!
Show off your best Halloween art. Go spooky, go silly, go scary, just go go go paint, draw, sculpt or design and celebrate the great fun that is Halloween! Submissions are due for this show by 8pm October 3rd. This show will kick off with a costume party October 4th at 7pm.

Left, Right, Middle: Politics in America
The Election Season Heats Up!
Express your viewpoint this election year, as Alex Ross does here with his Obama painting. Join us for “Right, Left, Middle: Politics in America” and submit your political art. Please email Ed Dansart or Kimberly for guidelines on this show before submitting. Submission deadline Oct. 29th. This show comes complete with a mock debate and election, featuring a few of your favorite comic book heroes and opens with a reception on Nov. 1st from 7-9 pm.

Nuclear Winter
Sci-Fi & Futuristic Fun!
This winter we delve into Sci-Fi Art and examine the future and our place in it! submissions for this show must be received by December 1st. “Nuclear Winter” opens with a reception Sat., December 6th from 7-9pm.

Email me at or Kim at with any questions or additional info. I will post more details here at the OB. Stay tuned!

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