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Nothin’ Proper ’bout yo Propaganda…

Propaganda WWII style posters recruiting Koopa Troopers. Join and fight the Mario menace! Check out more of Fernando Reza’s work at Fro Design Co. Lots of really cool posters and design work. -eb5k


Don Kenn

This guy is a freakin’ amazing… That is all. Don Kenn Gallery for more monstery goodness. Very cool. -eb5k

Jax Art Hunt #3 this Saturday!

Jax Art Hunt #3 will be this Saturday! Artists can drop off their donations at The Art Center Cooperative, Inc. Tues-Fri from 11am-3pm, for more info visit

The Last Fiesta by Pale Horse Design

The Last Fiesta by Pale Horse Design. Just plain awesome!

Graffiti Artist killed in Libya

Just another reason why Im glad I live in America. Makes you realize just how fortunate we are in this country. Check out the full story here on R.I.P. my man. –B.G.

International Spotlight: Rubber Pixy!

This week’s edition of the International Spotlight features RubberPixy from Shanghai, China. -eb5k

Poetic Justice: Spoken Word and Art show after Artwalk Tonight!

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