Ghana Movie Posters!

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Holy crap! Stumbled upon these amazing posters and had to share… Crude yet hilariously incredible and awesome! Check out the Bongout link and be amazed and dazzled! -eb5k
Via Bongout:
Unique hand-painted movie posters from Ghana.
It started in a time before television and the internet was widely available, therefore the success of these shows depended completely on the intrigue of the posters. These advertisements entice with their portrayals of monsters, superheros, half naked women, gore and violence. The traveling cinemas introduced the people of Ghana to a wide scope of films, from huge blockbusters, all the way down to the underrated and nearly forgotten. The genres focused in the exhibition at Bongout, consist of big Hollywood productions, Hong Kong action cinema, and local debuts from African filmmakers.
Using the resources at hand, artists would paint on old flour sacks they have stitched together. The painters were allowed complete freedom to create fantasy spaces within their own vision. Perhaps not even seeing the movie, and with only a few film stills as reference, the painters added imagery they felt would make the posters more spectacular.


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