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Drawing for Life 3 Artist interview: Rob Jones and David King…

The interview you are about to read is part of a series of Artist Interviews tied in with the 3rd Annual Drawing for Life Marathon that will take place on March 6th, 2010 from 10am-10pm inside The Art Center II (111 E. Bay St., Jacksonville, FL 32202: located above the Ivey Bar.) Drawing for Life is a 12-hour draw-a-thon featuring 14 local artists and all the artwork created throughout the day will be sold with 100% of the proceeds going to the American Cancer Society as part of their annual Relay for Life fundraiser.

By Logan Zawacki

Let me start with a quick introduction to our first two artists:
*David King is the co-captain of the Drawing for Life Marathon and this will be his third year involved with this event. He is the creator of Oscar & Sid, a daily online comic strip about two best friends who just graduated college and all the antics that taken place in their lives. David noticed that none of the comic strips in the Sunday paper targeted the “SPIKE TV” guys market, so he wanted to produce something different. The first three hundred Oscar & Sid comics strips will be available in book form later this year and you can keep up with the duo daily by going to
*Rob Jones is a comic book artist originally from Long Island, New York. This will be his third year involved with Drawing for Life, but only his second year doing the full 12-hour marathon. He works full-time for Dick Giordano, a comic book veteran and former executive editor of DC Comics as well as Charlton Comics. When Rob isn’t working with Giordano, he runs his own comic book company by the name of Chalkline Studios. The company was founded by Rob and their anthology series, Unleashed, has featured artwork by fellow DFL participants: David King, Ed Dansart, and Logan Zawacki. Rob is also looking to publish his first trade paperback later this year titled Perfect Storm, in which he writes, draws, inks and colors the entire book. Preview the book at

Now onto the Q&A…

What is it about this event that keeps you coming back?

Rob: It’s a good cause. We’ve all been affected by cancer. Everybody has somebody they know and care about that has been affected. As artists we can only do so much, but we’re gonna do our part to do what we can.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations? I have a couple relatives whose passing really motivated me to get involved with the American Cancer Society, so when you’re drawing and you’re thinking of that person who inspired you to do this, do you have one or two people in particular?

David: Well, I lost my grandmother to leukemia. My cousin’s husband died at 33 yrs old. He just woke up one morning with a pain in his knee and 3 months later he died from cancer. And then just this year my uncle passed away, actually about a month ago, and his death was caused by pancreatic cancer. So it’s affected my family pretty hard.

Rob: My little sister had breast cancer about 7 years ago. That was tough.

So she is a survivor?

Rob: She’s okay, she’s home now. She lives in New York and I went back to visit her (during treatment) and I’m very glad I lived in Florida because I could not take it.

David: (to lighten the mood he turns to Rob and says) How are your boobs doing?

Rob: Mine are terrific!

David: You check them on the 12th? (laughter)

Rob: I’m working with a B-cup, trying to get them down to an A-cup.

All that running will pay off eventually. (David & Rob have been running to prepare themselves for the Donna Deegan 26.2 Marathon to Fight Breast Cancer.)

Is there any particular part about the Drawing for Life Marathon that you look forward to every year?

David: Last year when we had more people and we saw the Power Hours come to fruition, and we saw everybody’s versions of those different characters, that thrilled me to no end! To Brian’s take on Spider-man and he’s a skull Spider-man, to see all that stuff is kind of like when (Logan) and I first started talking (about DFL) how it would be cool to see all these people do this kind of stuff. The Power Hours are fun and make me feel like we’re actually doing something.

And for those of you who don’t know what a Power Hour is just yet, basically we have one entire hour where every 5 minutes we start a new sketch. So at the 5-minute mark you stop whatever you were working on and move onto the next chosen topic. In the past we’ve done characters from Marvel, or video games, or some generic theme. Well this year it will be even more generic in order to support the various artists we have, the different painters and illustrators, so we’re gonna use themes that are far more loose. Instead of saying “draw Spider-man” we’ll say “draw anything you can think of when you hear the word beach.”

David: Are we doing 10-minute sketches, or still keeping it at 5-minutes? I think we were talking about it.

I think we’re gonna do a couple 5-minute hours and then do a couple 10-minute hours, because I believe we’ll have four Power Hours this year. (If you’d like to witness a Power Hour they will be scheduled at 11am, 2pm, 5pm, and 8pm the day of the Marathon.)

Rob, is there a favorite part for you?

Rob: My favorite part is at the end of the last Power Hour when all the sketches that we’ve done were collected and you saw this mound of finished work. It was very cool!

Are you guys surprised by the quality of everybody’s work? In a matter of just 5 minutes, everybody gets focused and just gets down to it and draws. Here’s your limit…draw it! (Are you surprised) by the ability of artists to just throw stuff together like that?

David: You can tell how popular the 5-minute sketches were because the first year (we did Drawing for Life) people ate them up. When you’re loose and not thinking, it brings out your personality, the fun…

…Individual styles.

Rob: I had a really hard time with the sketches the first year until we got to Napoleon Dynamite. (laughter) And then for some reason I just nailed it and from that point forward I had a blast. But I really struggled up until that one sketch.

David: What’s funny is as he’s talking about Napoleon Dynamite, I can flashback and I remember doing that one. Even though we’ve done God knows how many, I can remember each one of them.

Well, we do 12 an hour and we did five Power Hours the first year, so we did 60 each. Last year I believe we also did five Power Hours, so 60 sketches a person makes 360 5-minute sketches total!

Are you guys excited about going LIVE this year? This is the first year Drawing for Life will not be held inside UNF’s Photo Lab behind locked doors. This will actually be live and open to the public for 12-hours straight.

David: I’ve always thought we needed to do that. There were six of us sitting in a room and the Power Hours were jazzing us up, so can you imagine people watching us?! It’s gonna be a blast! People perform better when they’re “entertaining” so it will bring out a lot of personality and good times.

What do you think about the number of artists involved with year?

David: I think its great to get more people, my only concern is that they’re doing it for the right reasons. I don’t want people doing it just to make a name for themselves. As long as they keep to the meaning of why we’re doing it, then the more the merrier. Last year, everybody knew why they were there and were jazzed to be doing it for the cause. I hope everyone is still excited about doing it for the “cause.”

Is there a particular artist this year that you’re excited to see produce work?

Rob: Well, my favorite artist in the group is standing right in front of me, Mr. Logan. I love when you do your sketches and they always turn out great. They always make everyone else work harder, so every year I look forward to seeing what you do.

Thank you very much, Rob.

David: I’m looking forward to everybody’s work, but I’m really looking forward to the artists like Ed and Tim and Brian, who have a more modern style and when they’re forced to draw something they’re unfamiliar with, the stuff they produce is amazing. When you take them out of their comfort zone of robots and octopuses…(a humorous jab at Ed) the stuff they come up with is brilliant.

For me personally, I was flat-out blown away by Ed’s renditions last year and the style of them. I know our (art style) is so familiar and when we draw comic book characters we draw them like they look, like the way we grew up drawing them. Where Ed and Brian’s style, and even Tim’s sketchy style, are totally different interpretations that I found insanely interesting.

David: That’s what I said…that’s what I meant to say. (laughter)

Rob: When it’s spoken eloquently, that’s what he said.

David: Did it sound like I was insulting (Ed)?

A little.

David: I’ll try harder next time. (laughter) Are we gonna do an all octopus Power Hour?

Ed Dansart: Sweet!!!

* If you’d like to hear the rest of the interview please download it here.


Oil Slick Dunny by SKWAK

Here is the latest, limited edition, custom, dunny by Kidrobot. The character is designed by French based artist SKWAK and limited to just 500 pieces! Very nice, very limited, and a solid piece to anyones collection. Check it out-B.Gray

Get greasy with this eye-popping, super limited Dunny from French artist, Skwak.

Sporting a maniacal grin and clutching two cans of liquid fortune, Oil Slick Dunny is made of clear vinyl and covered nearly head to toe in a healthy splattering of the crude stuff.

Limited to only 500 worldwide.


The Fringe @ RAM= Awesome!

So, what is this FRINGE thing?

The FRINGE is a new and exciting part of the Riverside Arts Market that we conceived to bring in interesting and edgy products that don’t fit within our strict guidelines (mainly that all art must be hand made by the applicant and be generally local). Many times in our first year we would get applications that were products that we felt would be of interest to our robust community of shoppers but because we have such stringent guidelines we could not allow them in the market. Well that was 2009. In 2010, we are accepting a small number of proposals from the quaint and quirky to the crazy. As long as it is family-friendly and has some value as an addition to the market, we will consider it.

These “outlaw artists” will be clustered on the northern edge of the market, so they will not be confused with our regular fine artists. Not all FRINGE applications will be accepted, but all will be reviewed, and some will make it in to the market as space permits. The weirder the better. The more likely that a product will sell and/or be an attraction, the more likely it will be accepted. Extra points for green products and even more if there is a do-gooder mission (example: buying these super cool unique things helps employ people a small village where they are made).

WHO: A vendor who has a product that doesn’t fit the strict guidelines of the Riverside Arts Market but has a product that could be considered an attraction in itself.

WHAT: You tell us. The FRINGE is for exceptional but otherwise not qualified artists and products. Could be hand-made bikes from Brooklyn. Could be mid century factory furniture. Could be a mobile record store. Could be one of those machines that converts air into water. Could be rare and vintage sneakers. Who knows what is out there on the FRINGE. Keep Jacksonville weird!

WHEN: Every market except in special circumstances when we need the space for special events/ activities.

WHERE: The 900 row. See map. This is the exposed (not under the bridge) row next to Fidelity. There is no electricity in the FRINGE. Many Saturdays it was considered the best row in the market. When it is super hot or rainy or cold, the FRINGE requires a hearty vendor, a good weather plan, and a tent. Tents are recommended in the FRINGE even in great weather. It just looks better. The FRINGE is the row where the Bike Valet, Magic Tournaments, and Adoptable Critters were last year. Sounds FRINGEY doesn’t it?

HOW: Potential FRINGE candidates should  email a one page proposal to If accepted the vendor must sign up for at least five market days and pay in advance. Cost is $20 per booth space, per Saturday. FRINGE vendors must abide by all our other rules including traffic patterns, load in/out, tent weights, etc.

“Malice in Wonderland” – April 2nd

Just finished ordering my flyers for the Malice in Wonderland show that will take place in April at Avondale Artworks Gallery here in Jax, FL. The show will be centered around my paintings inspired by the tale of Alice in Wonderland. April is rapidly approaching and I’m working quite heavily on sketching, painting, planning, brainstorming, and organizing my body of work for the event. I have even come up with a back story to each character and why I am painting the way I am. I learned from artist Camile Rose Garcia that it’s a great idea to write down a story for your characters and then go from their to come up with there look and overall style. This was a great idea. I was just going for a “cool” look but, now I have put much more thought into each character than I previously planned. This worked out great since I was kind of stuck on the design work for Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dumb and the Queen of Hearts. Writing a back story for them really helped me flesh out there look and their overall style. Ya learn something new everyday. More pics of works in progress to come…stay tuned peeps. Thanks to everyone out there that has shown so much interest in this show of my work. Feedback is always nice and keeps ya moving forward and to exceed expectations. This is gonna be tons of fun! Visit to keep up to date on my progress.-BG

AC Deathstrike and Mikey’s Imaginary Friends @ TSI 2/18

Friday Night @Warehouse 8b: Digdog, AC Deathstrike, The Tsar Bombas, Sunday Cervix

Visit for upcoming art and music shows! -eb5k

Sew Vicious Grand Opening 2/13/10!

This Saturday marks the grand opening for locally owned Neptune Beach boutique Sew Vicious. Find out more about the shop in my recent interview with store owner Jillian Parker Gishler. Festivities will be from 2pm-7pm. -eb5k

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